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Durham Open Day
Sat 13th June
Really nice smaller show up in Durham!
Sat 20th June
Excellent show over in St Helens!
Sat 1st August
Big show up in Edinburgh!
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Triples 2015!
The shows continue in abundance, as we're off down to Sheffield for Triples!

This takes place on Sat/Sun 16th& 17th May, at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. More info on the show can be found on the Triples website!.

If you'd like anything bringing along to the show, please let us know before Sun 10th May! more
Posted by: Minibits | 06/05/2015
Carronade in Falkirk!
After the chaos of Salute, we're on the road again soon, at the Carronade in Falkirk on Sat 9th May!

We'll have all of our usual bases, paints, decals and more at the show, but if you'd like anything in particular bringing along, please make sure to let us know before Sun 3rd!

More info on the show can be found on the Warlords website!. more
Posted by: Minibits | 29/04/2015
Militia Miniatures now released!
After the success of our recent Militia Miniatures Kickstarter, we are pleased to announce that the figures have now been released and available to everyone!

This range of character figures are perfect for any modern or even post-apocalypse setting, fitting in nicely with many of the popular ranges on the market. For the full list, head over to the Militia Miniatures section of the Minibits website!

You can also find the latest info on future releases through either the Militia Miniatures website or Facebook page. more
Posted by: Minibits | 02/12/2014
Militia Miniatures!
The Militia Miniatures Kickstarter funded successfully and is now in the process of being fulfilled! Thanks to everyone who pledged into our project!

If you missed out on this, head over and have a look here and we're hoping to have the figures on general sale before the end of the year!

You can also find the latest info on our Facebook page. more
Posted by: Minibits | 25/08/2014
New MDF buildings from Impudent Mortal!
We are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking the excellent MDF buildings from Impudent Mortal!

Manufactured in the US, these buildings were brought to the market through a series of Kickstarter's.

We have just received our first batch of stock of these excellent buildings, so head over and check them out here!

We will also be bringing these along to all of the UK shows, so pop along to the Pendraken/Minibits stand at Phalanx as well! more
Posted by: Minibits | 26/05/2014
More MDF buildings now available!
We've got some new designs now available from Wargame-Model-Mods, with some handy crates and pillars now added to the website.

To see the full range, head over here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 27/04/2014
New MDF buildings in stock!
We're pleased to announce that we're now stocking the full range of buildings from Wargames-Model-Mods. This range of MDF buildings cover various genre's in 28mm, with Commercial, Industrial and Military designs available. From small bunkers at £5.99 up to the large Arms Factory at only £23.99, these provide excellent value for money. Tom at WMM is constantly adding more designs to the range, and we'll pick those up as they become available.

For more info, head over to our Forum here!.

Or to view the listings, head over here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 12/01/2014
Post Our Paint!
Due to recent changes in their shipping restrictions, Royal Mail will no longer ship more than 4 pots of water-based paint per package, with each pot having a maximum volume of 150ml. We have recently started a petition to try and get them to change this restriction, so please head over and join the Post Our Paint campaign! more
Posted by: Minibits | 26/11/2013
Minibits now stocking I-94 Decals!
We are now stocking the full range of decals from I-94 Enterprises. This range of over 150 different sheets has all kinds of useful designs for both aircraft and vehicles from 6-20mm mainly.

Check out the full range here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 28/11/2012
Minibits now stocking Crossover Miniatures!
We are very excited to announce that Minibits is now the exclusive UK stockist for Crossover Miniatures!

This fantastic range of high quality, customisable super heroes, villains, and minions that can be used in any games you wish. Check out the full range here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 30/08/2012
15mm Fantasy now available!
We are proud to announce that we have completed the transfer of Pendraken's 15mm Fantasy over to our website, so check them all out here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 27/08/2012
More dice frames released!
After the awesome response to our handy little hit marker dice frames, we've extended the range to include 10/12mm versions!

These are again packaged in bags of 10 pairs (or 20 frames on their own). We've also got some 5mm frames available on their own, and we'll hopefully have some tiny dice to go with them very soon! more
Posted by: Minibits | 09/08/2012
Hit Marker dice frames!
We've just added a nifty little product to the website, allowing you to add hit marker dice to any base easily! For more info, have a look here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 27/06/2012

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