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Carronade, Falkirk
Sat 6th May
Excellent show up in Scotland!
Durham Open Day
Sat 10th Jun
One of our local shows!
Phalanx, St Helens
Sat 17th Jun
Our only show in the North-West!
Sat 6th Aug
One of Scotland's largest shows!
Border Reiver
Sat 2nd Sept
Excellent show in Newcastle!
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Salute 2017!
It's the big one! This year's Salute show is taking place on Sat 22nd April at its usual venue in the ExCeL in London.

We'll be bringing as much stock as we can, but if there's anything at all you'd like to pre-order, please make sure to let us know before Sat 15th April, to give us chance to get it packaged and into the van. more
Posted by: Minibits | 13/03/2017
Minibits & Red Vectors teaming up!
We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Mick Brookes of Red Vectors to take his fantastic MDF products and show them off to a wider audience!

Mick has got over three decades of modelling and design experience and since 2012 has been putting out a steady stream of excellent designs through Red Vectors, covering everything from the Wild West to WWII to Sci-Fi.

Moving forward, Minibits will be taking care of the production and sales of these products, both through our website and at the wargames shows we attend. This will leave Mick free to do what he does best, designing more quality products!

The first batch we’ve got into production are the Wild West designs, and the 15mm & 20mm Russian villages, along with a few generic items. These are all available on our website here and we’ll be working with Mick over the coming months to get more of his ranges over to us and into production.

More information on Red Vectors can be found here! where you can also see a Gallery of the various products Mick has designed so far. If you’ve got any ideas for things you’d like to see, drop Mick an email and they might become a reality!

And if you’d like any of the current designs bumped up the production queue, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do! more
Posted by: Minibits | 07/02/2017
15mm Escenografia Epsilon now in stock!
We're pleased to announce that we're now stocking the 15mm pre-painted buildings from Escenografia Epsilon! We've got the first batch of stock in the UK now, covering their full Eastern Front range plus some of the generic items. We'll have more on it's way to us before the Salute show hopefully.

The first of these new products are now available here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 20/01/2017
New decals in stock!
We've got some new decal sheets in from I-94 Enterprises, including some UK and French flags, plus German names and 1:600th insignia.

Have a browse through the full range here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 23/07/2016
New multiple Dice Frames released!
Our dice frames have been massively popular since we first launched them back in 2012. Over the years though, we've had various requests for custom frames to hold multiple dice, so we thought it was about time we released them for general sale.

Available in either strips to hold 2 or 3 dice, or a corner piece to hold 3 dice, head over and have a look here. more
Posted by: Minibits | 07/07/2016
New Crossover Miniatures!
We've got a load of new Crossover Miniatures all released and available on the website.

This batch includes more Superheroes, some bad guys and even some galactic villains as well!

To see the full range of Crossovers, click here. more
Posted by: Minibits | 08/09/2015
Militia Miniatures now released!
After the success of our recent Militia Miniatures Kickstarter, we are pleased to announce that the figures have now been released and available to everyone!

This range of character figures are perfect for any modern or even post-apocalypse setting, fitting in nicely with many of the popular ranges on the market. For the full list, head over to the Militia Miniatures section of the Minibits website!

You can also find the latest info on future releases through either the Militia Miniatures website or Facebook page. more
Posted by: Minibits | 02/12/2014
More MDF buildings now available!
We've got some new designs now available from Wargame-Model-Mods, with some handy crates and pillars now added to the website.

To see the full range, head over here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 27/04/2014
Minibits now stocking I-94 Decals!
We are now stocking the full range of decals from I-94 Enterprises. This range of over 150 different sheets has all kinds of useful designs for both aircraft and vehicles from 6-20mm mainly.

Check out the full range here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 28/11/2012
Minibits now stocking Crossover Miniatures!
We are very excited to announce that Minibits is now the exclusive UK stockist for Crossover Miniatures!

This fantastic range of high quality, customisable super heroes, villains, and minions that can be used in any games you wish. Check out the full range here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 30/08/2012
15mm Fantasy now available!
We are proud to announce that we have completed the transfer of Pendraken's 15mm Fantasy over to our website, so check them all out here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 27/08/2012
More dice frames released!
After the awesome response to our handy little hit marker dice frames, we've extended the range to include 10/12mm versions!

These are again packaged in bags of 10 pairs (or 20 frames on their own). We've also got some 5mm frames available on their own, and we'll hopefully have some tiny dice to go with them very soon! more
Posted by: Minibits | 09/08/2012
Hit Marker dice frames!
We've just added a nifty little product to the website, allowing you to add hit marker dice to any base easily! For more info, have a look here! more
Posted by: Minibits | 27/06/2012

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