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Minibits and Red Vectors teaming up!

Minibits and Red Vectors teaming up!

We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Mick Brookes of Red Vectors to take his fantastic MDF products and show them off to a wider audience!

Mick has got over three decades of modelling and design experience and since 2012 has been putting out a steady stream of excellent designs through Red Vectors, covering everything from the Wild West to WWII to Sci-Fi.  

Moving forward, Minibits will be taking care of the production and sales of these products, both through our website ( and at the wargames shows we attend.  This will leave Mick free to do what he does best, designing more quality products!

The first batch we’ve got into production are the Wild West designs, and the 15mm & 20mm Russian villages, along with a few generic items.  These are all available on our website now: and we’ll be working with Mick over the coming months to get more of his ranges over to us and into production.

More information on Red Vectors can be found here: where you can also see a Gallery of the various products Mick has designed so far.  If you’ve got any ideas for things you’d like to see, drop Mick an email and they might become a reality!

And if you’d like any of the current designs bumped up the production queue, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do!

15mm Eastern Front
RED-15R-01   15mm Village (x5)   £18.00
RED-15R-02   15mm Ruined Village (x5)   £15.00

20mm Eastern Front
RED-20R-01   20mm Village (x5)   £22.00
RED-20R-02   20mm Ruined Village (x5)   £18.00

28mm Generic
RED-GEN-01   Crates (x9)   £5.00
RED-GEN-02   Walls   £8.00
RED-GEN-03   Walled Garden   £5.00
28mm Wild West
RED-WW-01   Bank   £15.00
RED-WW-02   Blacksmiths   £10.00
RED-WW-03   Jailhouse   £15.00
RED-WW-04   Store   £15.00
RED-WW-05   Boardwalk   £7.00
RED-WW-06   Fence/Trough/Gate   £5.00
RED-WW-07   Gallows   £5.00
RED-WW-08   Well   £3.00
And a pics to tempt you in!

RED-15R-01 - 15mm Russian village (5 buildings)     £18.00

RED-20R-02 - 20mm Ruined Russian village (5 buildings)     £18.00

RED-GEN-02 - 28mm Walls and Gates     £8.00

RED-WW-03 - 28mm Wild West Jailhouse     £15.00

RED-WW-06 - Fences, Trough & Gates     £5.00

RED-WW-07 - 28mm Wild West Gallows     £5.00

We'll be adding some more products soon, maybe something for the Frostgrave and Mordheim players...?