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20mm & 28mm Ruins released!

Our next batch of excellent Red Vectors designs have been prepped and added to the Minibits website!

This batch is for the WWII gamers, with sets of ruined buildings and factories for both 20mm and 28mm games.  These are all available on our website here: and will also appear on our eBay Store in the next few days:

20mm WWII
RED-20W2-01   Ruined buildings (x5)   £35.00
RED-20W2-02   Ruined cafes (x2)   £15.00
RED-20W2-03   Ruined factory (x6 pieces)   £35.00
RED-20W2-04   Ruined factory with office   £10.00
28mm WWII
RED-28W2-01   Ruined buildings (x2)   £25.00
RED-28W2-02   Ruined factory (x6 pieces)   £40.00

And some pics to tempt you in!

Next up from RedVectors will be some Wild West carts and a nice little 15mm church!

More information on Red Vectors can be found here: