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Static Grasses and Scatters available!

Some of you may have seen this on Facebook but we are now stocking the Javis ranges of static grasses, scatters and more!  We used to have a small selection of similar products many years ago but our supplier closed shop and we've had requests for them ever since.  

So, here they are in all sorts of lengths, colours and clumpiness... I think that's a word..?!  These are great value for money with the grasses priced between £1.95 and £3.20 per bag and the scatters at a bargain £1.50 per bag!

Javis Products -  or

Static Grass
- Spring 2mm, Summer 2mm, Autumn 2mm, Forest 6mm, Spring 6mm, Summer 6mm, Autumn 6mm, Green 6mm, Summer 10mm, Winter Grass 10mm

- Light Meadow Green, Dark Meadow Green, Dark Greek, Light Green, Mid Green, Grey Tarmac, Heather Green, Heather Mix, Rough Pasture, Moorland Mix, Pasture Green, Simulated Coal, Sand, Dark Earth, Dark Brown, Sandstone, Summer Mix, Spring Mix, Sand and Stone Mix, Grey Stone, Tarmac Ballast, Black Tarmac.

Premier Scatter
- Light Green fine, Light Green coarse, Mid Green fine, Mid Green coarse, Dark Green fine, Dark Green coarse.

- Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Flexible Hedges and Walls
- N-gauge, OO-gauge, Large, Extra Large.

We've got a nice spinner rack for these at the shows as well so make sure to stop by our stand and stock up!