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Bricks and Sandbags now available!

A quick release for the larger scale gamers this time, as we've added a selection of the Pegasus Hobbies bricks and sandbags to the Minibits website.  These would probably be too big for 10mm games, but the small bricks are good for 15mm & 20mm, while the large bricks would suit 25/28mm and upwards.  The sandbags are also best used with 25/28mm and above.

Pegasus Hobbies
Bricks and Sandbags -
PEG-PG5195   Sandbags   £10.95
PEG-PG5196   Large Bricks, grey   £7.95
PEG-PG5197   Large Bricks, red   £7.95
PEG-PG5198   Small Bricks, grey   £7.95
PEG-PG5199   Small Bricks, red   £7.95