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Plastic Bases available!

We've added a selection of plastic bases to both the Pendraken and Minibits websites.  These come in a variety of sizes and styles, from 20mm up to 50mm, round or square, slotted or multi-purpose.  All packs are priced at £1.25, contents vary by size.

Plastic Bases - or
P-BC20   20mm round, slotted   (20 per pack)
P-BC25   25mm round, slotted   (20 per pack)   
P-BC30   30mm round, multi-purpose   (15 per pack)
P-BC30-L   30mm round, slotted with lip      (15 per pack)
P-BC40   40mm round, multi-purpose      (10 per pack)
P-BC40-L   40mm round, slotted with lip      (10 per pack)
P-BC50   50mm round, multi-purpose      (10 per pack)
P-BC50-L   50mm round, slotted with lip      (10 per pack)
P-BH25   25mm hexagonal, slotted      (20 per pack)
P-BS2020   20x20mm, slotted      (20 per pack)
P-BS2525   25x25mm, slotted      (20 per pack)
P-BS5025   50x25mm, slotted      (15 per pack)