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New 28mm Animals released!

We've had a lot of feedback and requests for some larger 28mm Animals, as our original 28mm set were a little on the smaller side and suited the traditional 25-28mm figures better.  These new creatures are much bigger and will look great with the 28mm-32mm ranges, so companies like Warlord, Perry, or some of the bigger Fantasy ranges.  The previous '28mm' range has been re-labelled as '25mm' and will suit the more traditionally sized manufacturers, so Hinchliffe, Front Rank, Eagle, etc.

If you purchased any of our 28mm Animals prior to 26/8/19, then you will need to purchase from the 25mm section so that they match with your previous purchases.

It's always worth remembering that the size of animals (especially livestock) has varied through history, so a Medieval cow could have been between 4ft-5ft tall compared to the 5ft-6ft that we see on farms today.  So as with anything else, make sure to choose the size which will look right with your miniatures!

28mm -
28-NML1   Cows (x3)  £5.00
28-NML2   Sheep (x5)   £4.00
28-NML3   Goats (x5)   £4.00
28-NML4   Pigs (x5)   £4.00
28-NML5   Dogs (x5)   £3.00
28-NML6   Cats (x10)   £2.50
28-NML7   Chickens (x10)    £2.50
28-NML8   Ducks (x10)    £2.50
28-NML9   Rabbits (x10)    £2.50