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Minibits now stocking Renedra products!

We've started to stock some of the excellent Renedra products on the Minibits website!  Moulded in plastic, these handy bits and pieces will mainly be of use to the 28mm gamers and we'll be adding some more of the Renedra ranges over the coming months.

Renedra -
REN-RN2   Ridge tents   £8.50
REN-RN4   Barrels, brown   £3.50
REN-RN5   Barrels, grey   £3.50
REN-RN9   Picket fencing, brown   £4.50
REN-RN10   Picket fencing, grey   £4.50
REN-RN13   Palisade fencing, brown   £5.00
REN-RN14   Palisade fencing, grey   £5.00
REN-RN15   Wattle fencing, grey   £6.50
REN-RN17   5-bar fencing, brown   £4.50
REN-RN18   5-bar fencing, grey   £4.50
REN-RN10GAB   Gabions (single pack)   £5.50
REN-RN20GAB   Gabions (double pack)   £8.50