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More Pegasus products now available!

We've added some more of the Pegasus Hobbies products to the Minibits websites, all designed for 28mm gaming.  This batch includes a selection of pre-painted fences, walls and sandbags, as well as a pack of plastic barbed wire.

Pegasus Hobbies -
PEG-PG5201   Wooden fences, straight   £13.99
PEG-PG5202   Stone walls, straight   £11.99
PEG-PG5203   Block walls, straight   £11.99
PEG-PG5207   Sandbags, straight   £14.99
PEG-PG5208   Sandbags, mixed   £16.99
PEG-PG6520   Barbed wire   £10.99