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We're still open for business!

Everybody will be well aware of the current virus breakout across the world and we hope you're all keeping yourselves as safe as possible.  With a lot of questions circulating we thought it would be worth putting out a bit of information and hopefully ease a few worries that we've seen online.

Pendraken and our workplace
Firstly, Pendraken is open and there are currently no plans to temporarily close our doors.  We are fortunate to have several members of staff working in different parts of our business, so if anyone were to become ill then we have other people who can pick up the slack and keep things ticking over.  Also, each of our staff members work independently in their own workstations, so we are able to keep safe distances (more than 2 metres) between people at all times.  We will be introducing some further distancing measures this coming week to make sure that we're keeping any potential risks to a minimum.  

If need be, we can also look at working opposing shifts and there are some jobs that can be done from home without the need to be in our premises.

We are regularly receiving advice from the government as this situation progresses and we'll make further adjustments as and when necessary.

Orders and postage
The Royal Mail have today advised that there is no risk of the virus being transmitted through the post:  They are keeping postal services running and currently there should not be any delays to your packages.  This may differ depending on where you are in the world but for now you are still able to place orders and receive them safely.

Events and shows
Many of you will have seen some smaller events cancelling this past week and more are likely to come.  As of 17th March, Salute has been cancelled and with Scotland banning gatherings over 500 people, there's a good chance that Carronade in Falkirk will be cancelled.  We'll have to see how things develop over the coming weeks but it wouldn't be a surprise to see the June events lost as well.

We're hoping that if things are under control by May/June then we'll be back on the show circuit in time for Claymore in August, but we'll keep everyone notified as things move along.

Finally, this whole situation is completely unprecedented and all we can do is listen to the experts and adapt as best we can to each stage of the process.  The loss of public events and the potential downturn in sales is going to be a tough time period for lots of businesses (not just wargaming) and we all need to do the best we can to manage ourselves through it.  If you are in the position to do so, please continue to support your wargames companies and the hobby in general.  If you've had to take time away from work then maybe make some progress on the lead mountain, give solo gaming a try or join in some online communities.  The Pendraken Forum will always be open and everybody is welcome!

And most importantly, keep yourselves safe!  Don't take any unnecessary risks and we'll see you all online for the next few months.