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New 28mm Scenery!

Day 3 of our '10 Days of Shiny!' sees us move over to Minibits and some handy new 28mm scenery items from Renedra and Pegasus Hobbies.  

Starting with the Renedra additions, we've got a selection of handy tents as well as some worm fences in brown and grey options.  And over on the Pegasus side of things, we've got almost 4ft of painted rivers in a boxset (river width of 120mm).  

Renedra -
REN-RN1   Bell tents   £8.50
REN-RN6   Dog tents   £5.00
REN-RN19   Saxon tents   £7.50
REN-RN11   Worm fences, brown   £5.00
REN-RN12   Worm fences, grey   £5.00

Pegasus Hobbies -
PEG-PG5220   Painted river set   £21.99

Tomorrow we'll be flipping back to Pendraken with a big 10mm release...