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New Sci-Fi Buildings!

We've got a nice big release next for the 28mm Sci-Fi fans! 

These new RedVectors buildings are completely modular and come with removable roofs and engraved internal floors.  There are small, medium and large options, each with either single, double or no doors, along with small, medium or large walkways to join them together.  In addition to that, we've got separate ladders which slot over the roof sections, plus internal walls and external doors to add detailing to your buildings.

Red Vectors
28mm Sci-Fi -
RED-28S-01   Small building, single door   £6.00
RED-28S-02   Small building, double door   £6.00
RED-28S-03   Small building, no door   £6.00
RED-28S-04   Medium building, single door   £8.00
RED-28S-05   Medium building, double door   £8.00
RED-28S-06   Medium building, no door   £8.00
RED-28S-07   Large building, single door   £10.00
RED-28S-08   Large building, double door   £10.00
RED-28S-09   Large building, no door   £10.00
RED-28S-10   Small walkway   £3.00
RED-28S-11   Medium walkway   £4.00
RED-28S-12   Large walkway   £5.00
RED-28S-13   Ladders (6 short/4 long)   £5.00
RED-28S-14   Internal walls (2 types)   £3.00
RED-28S-15   Extra doors (3 small/3 large)   £4.00